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I work as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist. My practice is informed in the first place by Freud, and then by some of the great panoply of psychoanalysts who have come after him, particularly Melanie Klein and Donald Winnicott. 

I offer an initial session (30-45 minutes) for £30. My usual fee is £75 per session for 50 minutes. I have two spaces for very low-fee clients; currently both of those are taken, but I can offer one 'somewhat reduced fee' space, probably on a Friday afternoon at Madingley Road, at £50. This is correct at the time of writing, April 9, 2024. 

I see clients in consulting rooms on Madingley Road, Cambridge, from home in Cottenham, and online. I am also happy to walk with a client if they prefer to be in the open air. I generally walk along the river, and this is usually a longer session for the same fee.

I am a full clinical member of the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) and I am insured to practice. I adhere to the UKCP codes of ethics and complaints procedure. I am also a member of the Society for Existential Analysis (SEA). I am committed to continued professional development and regular supervision of my practice. 

The photograph is of the avenue on Jesus Green, Cambridge.


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Please fill out this form or use the email or numbers below to contact me. 

Thanks for submitting!     Tel: 07766 203107 

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